How To Sleep In The Summer Heat

For the first time on record, 2022 saw temperatures in the UK exceed a staggering 40°C - which meant many of us suffered with our sleep as the heat soared during the summer.

The National Sleep Foundation advise that the average healthy adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep a night, which isn’t easy to adhere to in the middle of a heatwave. So, as we enter the summer season again this year, we’ve put together a helpful list of tips and tricks to help keep you cool and hopefully make getting that all-important shut-eye a lot easier in an over-heated room.

Keep Your Windows Closed

Despite common misconception that an open window on a warm day will help to cool a room, it’s actually best to keep your windows closed. An open window can surprisingly make a room feel warmer as it allows hot air to enter the home and circulate the room. Similarly, blinds and curtains should also be closed if possible as they too block out the warmth of the sun.

Try To Stay Hydrated

When temperatures rise, you’re likely to sweat more and a way to replenish the fluids you lose is to drink enough water. The NHS recommend we drink between 6-8 glasses a day and not drinking enough, especially in warmer weather, can lead to dehydration and the risk of additional serious health problems.

As well as helping to keep you temporarily cool, drinking the recommended intake of water also has many health benefits such as helping to keep the skin cleansed and hydrated, helping with weight loss, reducing severity of headaches and preventing and relieving symptoms of constipation, amongst others.


Woman Drinking Water

Avoid Taking Naps

Despite having benefits such as improving your mood and job performance, it’s best to avoid taking unnecessary afternoon naps in the summer months. Napping during the day can ultimately prevent you from drifting off with ease come bedtime. So, if you’re usually inclined to getting your head down for 40 winks, try to refrain from doing so when the warmer weather hits.

Flip Your Pillow

Something many of us are already prone to doing, as a form of comfort, is to flip the pillow over to the cold side during the night. It helps to get in to the habit of doing this if you don’t already, especially during the summer.

It may also be worth changing your pillows in the summer months. Lighter, less dense pillows will feel a lot more comfortable than heavier, fluffier ones which prevent heat from escaping from your head as you rest on them. Your choice of pillowcase is also a factor in aiding with sleep during the summer. Pillowcases made from natural materials such as cotton have more breathability than synthetic options, which leads us to…

Choose Your Bedding Wisely

Your bedding can have a significant impact on your quality of sleep, especially in warmer weather. Cotton duvet covers and pillowcases are ideal in summer months as they are soft to the touch and comfortable, woven with natural fibres that are designed to let cool air pass through. There are also lighter duvets (7.5 tog) and some, perfect for all seasons, which are engineered to keep you both cool in the summer and warm in the winter (10.5 tog).

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Freeze Your Bed Sheets

A bizarre but surprisingly effective way to help cool you down in bed is by freezing your bedding for a short time before settling in for the night. Storing your bed sheet in a re-sealable bag in the freezer for a short spell will ensure it is nice and cool when it comes to putting your bedding on prior to sleep.  

Keep A Fan In The Bedroom

Another cost-effective option for the bedroom is an electric-powered fan. Positioned at the side or the end of the bed, a fan is a great way to keep cool during the night. A little trick is to place the fan behind a tray of ice with a little water. As the ice melts, the air above is blown by the fan to create and circulate a cool breeze. The sound of a fan can also work as a soothing sleep aid, as the white noise works as an effective treatment for insomnia and sleep struggles.

Woman With Fan

Sleep With A Hot Water Bottle

Many of us love cosying up with a hot water bottle to keep warm and toasty in the winter but they can be just as effective at helping to stay cool in summer heat too. Filling a water bottle with ice-cold water and placing it the freezer for 10-15 minutes will make it perfect for cooling down your bedding before you climb in to bed.

Bed Down In Another Room

Hot air rises which means temperatures in the bedroom can become uncomfortable and somewhat unbearable in summer heat. So, on really humid nights, it may be worth making temporary sleeping arrangements downstairs in the home. The likes of air beds and foam mattresses are great for setting up a short-term sleeping space in the living room and if space is limited, the sofa can make a perfect temporary bed too.

As well as the above, it helps to stick to a wind-down routine before bed as a way to help you drift off to sleep with ease. Familiarity and soothing techniques such as meditating or reading will help you relax and free the mind from stress and busy thoughts, ultimately helping avoid a restless sleep - particularly in the warmer weather. That’s why creating a luxurious and comfortable sleeping space is important to help you unwind at the end of a long, hot day and get the most out of your sleep.

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